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Persistent absenteeism or tardiness creates a genuine hardship for the student and is regarded as a very serious problem. This type of absenteeism will be reported to the Attendance Officer. Please contact the main office before the start of the school day if your child will either be absent or tardy. Students must report to the main office if they are tardy. After signing-in, they will receive a late pass to class.


If a student has a medical problem and is absent for more than three days he/she must have a written doctor's letter. Only if an absence is excused will a student be allowed to make up missed work. Three tardies will be equivalent to one unexcused absence; repeated offenses will be handled on a case by case basis.


Instances of excessive absence/tardiness will result in the case being referred to the Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.


Attendance Policy and Procedure


  1. Attendance personnel will review attendance data daily.

  2. Students that have accumulated three or more unexcused absences, or five tardies per quarter, their parent/guardian will be contacted by an attendance representative.

  3. If attendance/tardies has not improved and the student has accumulated more than six unexcused absences or ten tardies per quarter in one or more classes in any combination or if there is an excessive amount of excused absences. The Attendance Representative will contact the parent/guardian and schedule a conference.

    • At such time, the following will be prescribed: 

      • Students may be placed on a school performance contract.

      • Attendance mediation.

  4. Students that have not responded to efforts to improve attendance/tardies and has reached ten or more absences in any class will lose credit for that class(s) for that quarter and could also result in a possible referral to The Wayne County Prosecuting Attorney's Office or your child being withdrawn from school.

    • Procedure: In the case of chronic truancy, more than ten full school days absent.

  •  If under the age of (16), the first letter, attendance notification letter will be mailed. If there is no response a second letter will be sent; it will state that their child must start school on the morning following receipt of this notice, that failure to comply  may involve criminal prosecution and upon conviction may involve a penalty of imprisonment for not less than two or more than ninety days. A copy will be sent to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office. If all reasonable efforts fail, in contacting or locating a student that student will be withdrawn. 

  • If there is no response to the warning letter the school will contact APS Roberta L. Bryant of The Wayne County Prosecutor's Office Truancy Intervention Program. A third letter will then be mailed by the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office that will mandate that the parent/guardian must immediately meet with school officials.


APA Roberta L. Bryant

Wayne County Prosecutor's Office-Juvenile Division

1025 E. Forest

Detroit, MI 48207

office: 313-833-3115

fax: 313-833-2467

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